Greek Island Wedding Choices


When it comes to getting married the location is every bit as important as when it comes to choosing the house you buy. In many ways that location becomes the anchor for your wedding day memories.

Greek Island Wedding Choices | Rogdaki Events Trademark Wedding in Greece

 It becomes the talking point for your guests and it provides the place where your memories of the day will live. Practically nothing can beat a Greek island wedding.

Greek Island Wedding Choices | Rogdaki Events Trademark Wedding in Greece

Wedding Destination Locations With A Natural Beauty

Greece has some of the world’s most beautiful places to offer. They are places that don’t only fill the eye with wonder at the natural beauty of the world but also capture the mind with their sense of history, their connection with mythology and their listing in the official lists in the world’s most beautiful places.

Greek Island Wedding Kefalonia | Rogdaki Events Trademark Wedding in Greece

Get Married in a Cave in the Sea

Now, getting married in a cave in the sea may not be to everyone’s taste but when that cave is the Melissani Cave Lake in Kefalonia, one of the world’s top 20 Cave Lakes, you might want to reconsider. Naturally the logistics here are pretty challenging. Cave Lake weddings require extensive ingenuity not just in terms of transportation (you can only get there by boat) but also as far as seasickness goes amongst the guests.

The payoff is a location that sets you as far apart from the ordinary as if you had decided to get married on the Moon (plus let’s not forget its way a lot more picturesque).The Melissani Cave Lake is located in Kefalonia a Greek island that has its own set of beautiful churches and convenient spots where a Greek island wedding can be held.

As a matter of fact there are nearby churches where a service can be held, handy, world class resorts where guests can be accommodated comfortably and the proximity of the Cave Lake makes the taking of pictures, afterwards, something that will be talked about for years.

When it comes to impressing your guests and creating an experience that breaks with convention then this is a place you may well want to keep in mind.

Greek Island Wedding Ithaca | Rogdaki Events Trademark Wedding in Greece

Get Married in Ithaca

Ithaca is the famed island-kingdom of Ulysses, the enterprising Greek warrior responsible for ending the ten-year-long Trojan war. The island has no shortage of beaches and scenic places to get married to, from tiny chapels that look like they have popped out of a movie studio props department to beautiful places that can be set up for the ideal outdoor wedding day location.

Easy to get to, redolent with history and a sense of place that is unrivaled, Ithaca is one of those wedding locations that simply takes a wedding performed there to an entirely different level, altogether.

Ithaki island

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