One-Stop Wedding and Event Planning


Locations on the planet can actively combine great beach locations, fantastic mountain view with iconic city-scapes, the way Greece does. This is one of the main reasons so many couples from all over the world choose Greece to hold an exceptional wedding in, or as the place to reaffirm their vows.
Greece is one of the best locations for wedding and event planning.

One-Stop Wedding and Event Planning | Rogdaki Events Trademark in Greece

European Approach

But that is not the only thing Greece has to offer. It also combines a visitor-friendly, European approach to organizing things at very cost-effective prices. At Rogdaki Events Trademark we have a long tradition of providing a one-stop service to your wedding planning or event organization needs in one of the world’s most popular countries.

We receive dozens of emails each week requesting very specific things off us and the following guide to our services is designed to address most of these.

One-Stop Wedding and Event Planning | Rogdaki Events Trademark in Greece

Location Scouts for Weddings

If you are planning to have your wedding in Greece location is key. It has to be beautiful enough to create a stunning backdrop for what is the most special day in your life and, at the same time, it needs to be easy to get to for your guests from abroad, offer the right kind of amenities and sufficient variety to keep your guests entertained before and after the wedding.

One-Stop Wedding and Event Planning | Rogdaki Events Trademark in Greece

Iconic Locations

We already work with some of the most iconic locations you can imagine. From tiny islands which place a beautiful wedding service location seemingly in the middle of the sea to places of antiquity such as ancient amphitheaters, temples that are thousands of years old and places in the Greek mountains surrounded by acres of forest.

florida hotel in psathopyrgos reception venue by the sea

Water Nymph Wedding Theme

If there is a particular location you may have in mind you could certainly email us and let us know and we will then respond with the options available to you. But you may also start simply with an idea or a theme.

A ‘Water Nymph’ suggestion, for instance, became the spark for organizing a wedding reception, accommodation and entertainment for a party of 120 wedding guests at a tiny Greek island, right by the sea.

Our expert location scouts use our intimate knowledge of the Greek islands and mainland Greece to provide just the kind of location that’ll make your wedding stand out but our services do not stop there.

We Transform Wedding Locations

Each wedding location has unique characteristics which, with the right kind of lighting and decoration, can be truly transformed. To achieve this transformation we carry out a detailed study of each chosen location and analyze it in line with your theme. This is designed to help us pinpoint the unique character of place that every location has to offer and then make it work best for you.

We make innovative use of light and light clusters to create focal points that amplify the mood, set the tone and create the right atmosphere for your wedding reception. Our experience with televised events and corporate showings allow us to create a totally themed look that impresses.

decoration details for the wedding table

Wedding Themes and Accessories

To achieve this transformation we offer a complete theme and accessories advisory service. Our expert decorators work closely with each couple to help them make the choice that is right for them. The planning for the theme of each wedding starts with some simple questions to help pinpoint basic preferences and likes.

A great wedding is one where the location, theme, planning and accessories meet the bride and groom’s expectations. A fantastic wedding is one at which they exceed them.

details for the perfect wedding set up

Wedding Decoration

We work really hard to make this happen.
Our preparation process helps couples visualize the whole service so that they are confident in the end result they will create.


Your Choice of Music

Beyond lighting, themes, location and accessories we also provide a complete music selection service with professional DJs and sound-system managers, on the day of the event.

Music not only sets the tone and mood but it can also become the signature of an occasion helping create great memories that will last forever. In creating the soundtrack of your big event we do not just look at what’s hip, contemporary and hot but also at the mix of guests you will have on the day, your own likes and dislikes and the overall theme of your wedding.

total white flowers wedding decoration

Props, Cars and Flower

No true one-stop wedding planning service would be complete without flowers and a fleet of cars. Our flower arrangements, table settings and decorations become a masterful balance between the exceptional and the cost-effective.

While we can source any kind of flower, almost any time of the year, we work creatively with what is available to generate an effect that is totally cost-effective, without sacrificing quality.

And because no wedding can ever be complete without the right car to transport the bride, we also have a fleet of cars at our disposal which range from sleek James Bond type speedsters to the classic cars of yesteryear.

luxury reception table in out of the blue resort crete

A Totally Flexible Wedding Planning Service

When you plan your wedding in Greece from abroad you need a capable aide on the ground who can do the legwork and work hard to get you the best deals. Depending at what stage of your wedding planning you are, we are happy to synch with your efforts. We have a totally flexible approach to fitting in as required.

Over the years we have successfully jumped in at the eleventh hour to help close hotel deals on location, supply the music for a wedding reception and provide transportation. We have delivered with the same signature of quality of service and attention to detail as we have with weddings that we oversaw from beginning to end.

The reason we won’t compromise lies in our approach to help you create the kind of memorable occasion that will truly last a lifetime.

To enquire about any of our services and a no-strings attached quote, just get in touch.