Rogdaki Events Trademark, funded by the first ever #DiamondCouple and current CEOs, Mrs Anna - Maria Rogdaki & Mr George Diamantopoulos is one of the leaders of the event industry for over a decade. Rogdaki Events Trademark is a globally awarded wedding & event planning company that offers the highest caliber of services and specializes in destination weddings in Greece and worldwide.

Anna-Maria Rogdaki

Anna-Maria Rogdaki is Greece’s leading female Event Designer/Planner.
Her studies have brought her from achieving a degree in classical music to studying wedding design in London, England.
Her passion and love for her work takes her to astronomical levels, Anna-Maria works by building a close relationship with clients and expressing their story through her designs.

George Diamantopoulos

George Diamantopoulos is the founder of Rogdaki Events Trademark a leading Wedding Planning and Execution service in Greece with offices in Mykonos & Patras.
The company handles special requests from clients from all over the world who want to hold a specific event in Greece.George has always had a passion for event planning, coordination and design.


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