Ceremony Decoration


In Rogdaki Events Trademark we pay special attention on the ceremony decoration, since we know that the occasion is really important to you. We understand that you want to live every moment on your wedding day and that’s why we think that it is our own duty to make each moment special!
Even if it’s about a catholic wedding, a Greek orthodox wedding or even a civil wedding, we are proud because we offer you a flawless handmade decoration that lack at nothing!

Every part of the decoration is meticulous in such a way that approaches the perfection. There is no room for mistakes, but even if something goes wrong, we are by your side the whole time so we can fix them immediately.
The couple on their wedding day shouldn’t be worried for anything and we take care of this. From the first up to the last phase of the decoration we know every step that has been done, just like is has to been done, the exact right time.

The only thing that you have to do that day is to watch you fairytale coming to life, living intensely every moment. In Rogdaki Events Trademark we make sure that everything will be exactly the way you want it,
with the purpose that your own personal day will be unforgettable with memories that will live forever in your heart and indelible sentiments no matter the years.