Fabulous Weddings in Greece


A wedding is a very special moment.
It creates memories which have to last a lifetime.
In that sense a wedding is a beginning. It marks the time a couple formalize their union and start their new life together.

It sets the tone and style of their romance and it tells their story.
Our mission is to organize Fabulous Weddings in Greece, for special people and couples

Fabulous Weddings in Greece | Rogdaki Events Trademark Luxury Wedding Greece

A Unique Beginning

There are no two couples which are the same and there are no two weddings which are the same. Each wedding is a unique story and each one marks a unique beginning. This is why it is such an important day.

At Rogdaki Events Trademark we know that your story needs to be told in a way which will make your guests take notice. We are experts at developing the kind of story-telling which creates a visual narrative that perfectly reflects your style.

Fabulous Weddings in Greece | Rogdaki Events Trademark Luxury Wedding Greece

Wedding Planning Services All Over Greece

To achieve this we work, carefully, in tune with your tastes, likes, budget and preferences. We scout exotic locations and unusual settings and make the backdrop of where we are and what we do an integral part of your story.

We plan weddings all over Greece. Because we are based centrally, in the country, our location scouts are great at finding places which will become talking points amongst your wedding guests the moment the invitations are sent out. Because we have many years’ experience in organizing weddings within challenging budgets we can work to create a fantastic effect for your special day, without exceeding the budget agreed.

greek wedding planning service be the star

A wedding day is a day when everything should be focused on the two people involved: the bride and the groom. It should be their day, your day. As the person getting married that day you should be the star of the show, and you should never, ever have to worry about anything beyond making the day your own.

Fabulous Weddings in Greece

At Rogdaki Events Trademark we are there to do exactly that. We take the strain, organize your wedding from start to finish and call upon you to make all the executive decisions regarding style. Because we provide a comprehensive, one-stop service, we can take the strain off your shoulders allowing you to do what few couples actually manage to do on their wedding day: enjoy it!

the center of attention in a wedding the bride

Our wedding service provides attendants who oversee the entire day, taking care of those little unexpected tweaks which occur in every wedding day and making sure that everything goes according to plan.

If you are ready to experience a wedding planning service which delivers above and beyond get in touch with us with your details and we will take things from there.