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When you think of a great wedding location Hollywood celebs immediately spring to mind. Not only do they have a knack for discovering dreamy landscapes, endless sandy beaches and iconic locations in the mountains or tiny churches by the sea, but they also have the money to take advantage of them.

Enter Rogdaki Events Trademark and Thandie Newton, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. What these four Hollywood A-listers have in common is the fact that they have all, at one time or another, been romantically linked with Brad Pitt and their love of Greece.

As a matter of fact Brad himself is a great lover of Greek beaches and frequently spends a good part of the year with his partner, Angelina Jolie, exploring the woods and seascapes of northern Greece. What Rogdaki Events Trademark has to do with all this is that we organize weddings and celebrations in all the dreamy Greek locations celebrities love to go to.

Dreamy Wedding Locations Celebs Love | Rogdaki Events Trademark in Greece

Get Married by the Sea

When it comes to finding the perfect place by the sea for your wedding, or even your wedding reception, few places in the world can match Greece. More than just another beach locale where the color of the sea and texture of the sand create the same picturesque combination you can find in hundreds of places across the globe,

Dreamy Wedding Locations Celebs Love | Rogdaki Events Trademark in Greece

St Paul’s Church In Rhodes

Greece offers a unique combination of tiny islands, great weather and rugged rocks that lend romanticism to any wedding occasion.Take St Paul’s church in Rhodes as an example. A tiny church at the foot of a cliff by the sea it becomes a special effect in your wedding photographs no amount of lighting, decorating or event-dressing could even parallel. Or the picturesque church of St Stefanos in the idyllic Greek island of Kos. A tiny church, upon a rock, itself a tiny island off the coastline of Kos, it could have come out of a film set.

Dreamy Wedding Locations Celebs Love | Rogdaki Events Trademark in Greece

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Greece is a perfect location for holding a Greek-style wedding, the sort where the party starts at dawn and continues until dawn of the next day. It is perfect for the reaffirmation of wedding vows and the re-living of the romance of that first spark that brought two people together.

At Rogdaki Events Trademark we are specialists at creating movie-magic events at cost-effective prices. Our intimate knowledge of locations, places and people, allows us to work hard to stretch your budget without compromising on quality.

When it comes to organizing your wedding in Greece we become your eyes and ears on the ground, putting into operation our long-term experience and expertise to help you achieve the magical experience you want.

Wedding Ceremony at Mykonos

Choose Between City, Sea or Mountain Locations

A wedding location becomes as much of the character and props of your wedding as everything else. While the dressing gown, the lights, the music and the decorations may indeed set the tone and the mood where you hold it is just as important.

Enchanted Woodland Wedding Venue

The location will affect the memories you create for your guests. It will become part of the lore of your wedding. Its accessibility, character and local color will leave as much a mark upon the day and its events as everything else that happens there.

White Sand nafpaktos reception venue

Making that choice of location then becomes crucial and, for us, it always begins with the simple question: what exactly do you want to achieve? If, for instance, you want to create a mad party atmosphere choosing a sleepy little seaside village may not be the best thing.

ippikos omilos patras

If a sense of excitement and adventure is paramount a remote location, deep in the mountains, reached by 4 X 4 vehicles might be perfect.When it comes to weddings and special occasions Greece offers so many choices that the only limiting factor is your imagination.

Lake thermo aitolokarnania

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