Modern & Stylish Christening with Pampas Grass

A baptism full of photographic chances

Austerity and simplicity are the main characteristics in most of the decorations of Rogdaki Events Trademark, without any lack of glam and impression. This time we were called to created a decoration which will provide a chance for photos in each corner.

The mother, being active enough on social media and especially on instagram, wanted in every spot to have the opportunity to offer a picture in the photographic lens of her guests in order to provide a beautiful memory from this event

White flowers and pampas grass the perfect combination

A main element of the decoration was the first letter of the child’s name, Apostolis. Letter “A” was everywhere on many parts of the decoration that were all handmade and could be also used later as house ornaments.

The impressions stole the big arch of pampas grass, combined with white flowers, right in front of the church. The arch accompanied perfectly the entrance which created a frame for those who came in and out of the church.

Balance and glamour

The decoration of the church but also the event was based on earthly colors with many details of white and gold.
Specifically, the white element prevailed over the flowers of the decoration while the other elements were on the shades of nude with golden details which offered glamour.

Metallic gold urn decorated with pampas grasses white roses and white peonies by Diamond Events 2
A two piece arch decorated with pampas grasses and white roses placed in the center of the aisle to welcome the guests creating an elegant atmosphere 4
A tall golden candelabra decorated with natural pampas grasses and handmade croched ribbons in ivory and gold perfectly combined with the church decoration 4
A two piece arch gold urns and two gold circles of life decorated with pampas grasses and white roses form an imressive entrance 4
An impressive church decoration with white and gold elements decorated with pampas grass and white roses 1
Wooden fans with simple white fabric for the guests to have and to hold as a little suvenir from your baby special day 1
A custom made canvas with the baby new name initial 1
The most impressive metallic gold urn decorated with pampas grasses white roses and white peonies 1
A simple yet elegant aisle towards the church with gold elements decorated with pampas grasses and white roses 1
A traditional baptismal font decorated according to the baptism minimalistic theme 1
The most fashionable new clothes offered to the newly baptised baby from his godmother 1
Black chairs and the wish book table with the chandelier by Diamond Events 1
The newly baptised baby new name craved into an ipmressive gold plexiglass base that with afterwards decorate his bedroom 1
Little gold details and gold elements that cotribute to a greater elegant result 1
A crystal candelier in a pampas grass frame with white roses as the centerpiece of the wishbook table 1
The goldfish symbolizes prosperity and brings good luck and good fortune 1
A tall gold candelabra decorated with natural pampas grasses and white flowers as a centerpiece for each table 1
A custom made room diffuser and a glass box with the traditional sugared almonds all packed together making the perfect family baptism favor 1
golden candelabra for an amazing baptism decoration 1
A private barbeque area is always a good idea when it comes to a relaxed cozy event amongst close family members and friends 1
Bottles of wine for the party by Diamond Events planning services 1
A rustic gold candelabra with venezian style candles make the most amazing contrast with the natural surroundings 1
A stunning lady in white playing the saxophone welcoming the guests in a conteporary type event 1
Twelve tables in a row under the same modern theme of a minimalistic approach 1
Bar view of Royal venue in Patras 1
A live band welcomed the guests to the reception venue area while the wishbook table was the first thing to notice before entering 1
A crystal chandelier with pampas grass and white roses by Diamond Events wedding and christening 1
An imressive crystal candelier with warm lighting added to a more sophisticated touch in a minimal approach 1