Best Destination Wedding Planner in Greece


When it comes to our work we usually let the results speak for themselves. With hundreds of weddings planned and executed each year our focus, usually, is where it should be: on you. This year we won the award for “Best Destination Wedding Planner in Greece”. For a company that prides itself on the quality of care it lavishes on the bride and groom this is really a big deal.

Anna-Maria-Rogdaki-Founder-and-designer-of-Diamond-Events with Hannah in her wedding in Mykonos

Attention to detail

Whether you’re looking for an iconic wedding day destination like Santorini or something a little off the beaten path like getting married in a cave in the sea (for instance), the sure thing is that we have just the thing for you. Rogdaki Events Trademark is not just a wedding planning service. We have active scouts throughout Greece looking for new locations that fit the bill for an ever growing demand for the exceptional, the unusual and the romantic.


Making Your Wedding Day Special

The wedding planning award is, for us, the culmination of a large number of initiatives with a very specific aim: to make your very special day, truly exceptional. A wedding is a one-off event. The combination of setting, bride and groom and participating wedding guests creates the uniqueness that makes the day.

At Rogdaki Events Trademark we know that. We understand that on the day, everything needs to run perfectly, regardless and to ensure that kind of quality we go the extra mile in our planning of your wedding. Settings are tested, hotels and venues booked well in advance and areas inspected. Sound checks are carried out and locations are prepared well in advance.

As a matter of fact to see just what happens at the very final stage of a wedding night reception, prepared by us, check out the video below that condenses an entire evening’s preparation and entertainment in just 60 seconds:


Award Winning Wedding Planning Service

Of course awards and accolades are great as a crowning achievement for what we do, but for us they only serve as a reminder of what we are here to do: make sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch, create spectacular wedding day memories for you and your guests and push the envelope so that your wedding day budget gives you the “biggest bang for your buck” possible.


To do this we use the kind of experience, expertise and ingenuity that is the result of our long tradition in the industry. Instead of resting on our laurels, we look to constantly find ways to improve the high quality of the service we provide. We keep a close eye at wedding industry trends, we are busy creating new, strategic partnerships with hotels, caterers and suppliers and we use our position as the preeminent wedding planner in Greece to achieve savings of scale that we pass directly to our customers.


So, while we are overjoyed at having won such a prestigious award in the Wedding Planning industry,
our focus is squarely upon where we prove ourselves with every wedding we plan and every wedding reception we organize: you.

Find out more about how we work here and get in touch with us for a no-strings attached quote.