Wedding Tips for Happy Brides


Nothing makes a wedding reception look more successful than a happy bride. Being happy on the biggest day of your life may seem like a given, however, given the stress that’s usually associated with the normal organization and planning of a wedding most accounts of wedding days are of how hard it was to relax and just enjoy it.

Your wedding day, arguably, is the most important day of your life. Not because life will be an anti-climax after that, anything but, usually the day of your wedding is the day a journey begins for two people that’s going to be as full, eventful and fulfilling as any adventure. Your wedding day however is going to be totally unique. It is the only day you get to be like that and it is the only opportunity you get to really make it special.

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Tips For The Brides

1. Work with a list

There are always a number of things you have to do yourself, no matter how much your wedding planner takes off your hands. Make a list, prioritize it. Cross things off it as you do them. Do not add anything else on it. Aim to have nothing to do on the day of your wedding apart from showing up at the church door, fashionably late and looking glamorous at the reception afterwards.

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2. Drink lots of fluids

A wedding is an incredibly stressful event. It is always new (unless you’re a serial bride). There are always unexpected things that happen during the execution stage. You frequently have to work through proxies which makes it even more stressful. It is easy to do two things here: first forget to drink enough fluids and second, reach for the wrong kind of beverage to drink thinking it will help calm your nerves.

By all means have the odd tipple or two and feel free to go completely overboard at your reception but in order to avoid looking dehydrated and feeling dreadful, make sure you have plenty of water to drink with the odd orange juice thrown in. Water helps your skin and orange juice has plenty of vitamin C that helps your immune system.

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3. Communicate with your wedding planner

 A wedding planner is there to get things right for you. He takes the strain of sorting out things that do not go quite according to plan, and he is there to make sure that your focus in on where it should be: on the day and its importance to you. If there’s anything you need to get right or anything you need to change or anything you need to double-check, talk to your wedding planner about it.

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4. Focus on yourself

Way too often brides try so hard to make sure that everyone has fun on the day of their wedding that they forget to have fun on the day themselves. The wedding day is the day when every bride gets to be queen for a day. Make sure you remember it and remember, also point number 3, above.

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5. Create some great memories

Your wedding day is the time in your life where you create some great memories for the many years to come. Remember that as you check your planning, choose your setting and put together your guest list.

These are five basic steps that, taken together, constitute a great guide on how to make the most of your wedding day.

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