Wedding in a Castle

Villa Gallou, the ultimate choice for numerous couples

Right before the end of summer, Melina and Vasilis, decided to connect their lives marrying each other having Rogdaki Events Trademark right by their side for their own special day. The couple wanted a total elegant but also glamorous wedding in a castle in such an amazing place right by the sea, the Villa Gallou.

This particular place is located in the city of Patras and there are numerous couples that they chose it for their wedding event. Created by Ernest Chiller at late 1800. It is popular for its neo-gothic style, while the atmosphere in the interior is magnificent. The events are held on the outside of the castle, although, if any couple desires to spend their wedding night there, the interior is offered only for one night.

The couple’s initials “M&V”, the main focus

The basic elements of the church’s decoration were the white flowers with many green leaves, while they were combined perfectly with golden details transfusing opulence on the decoration. The entrance of the church was framed in such a special way with impressive flowery compositions creating by this way the ultimate aisle for the bride.

Many details of this wedding were based on the personalization with the couple’s initials. Golden letters were written on the rice pouches, on the masks for Covid-19, even on the sugar almonds in the wedding favors. The bride’s bouquet was inspired by Princess’s Dianna wedding and was perfectly matched with the church’s decoration since it was consisted of white flowers and green leaves. 

Gold, blue and white were combined perfectly

The golden details were also prevailed on the wedding event and were combined with the dominant color of the place, the royal blue. The white color joined this combination offering a summery and glamorous impression to the guests.

The decoration was taken in another dimension after sunset and the colors of the place were showed off even more under the appropriate lights. Crystal chandeliers, candles and a diffused blue light were mixed together and betrayed the elegance that dominated this wedding. The tables had two different decorations.

The half of the tables had as a centrepiece metal creations that symbolized a half heart while the rest of the tables had a golden columns with blue roses in bell-shaped glasses, inspired by the fairytale “The Beauty and the Beast”, while the same pattern had also the wedding favors that consisted of a glass ball having a blue rose inside.

Διακόσμηση με φυσικά λευκά λουλούδια και πολλά πράσινα φύλλα
White pouches with the couples initials for the rice
Gold and white lace perfectly combined together
Natural blue and white flowers dominated the place
Romantic atmosphere for the wishing table by the sea
Chandeliers, pampas grass and flowers framed the wishing table
Villa Gallou the ideal background for the wedding party
Romantic mood under the candle light
The appropriate lights on the tree branches show off the colors on the wishing table
The perfect harmony on the table decoration under the chandeliers
Handmade compositions with blue and golden elements for the table centerpieces
Wedding table decoration in a Castle in Grece
Golden and blue wedding Decoration
Villa’s Gallou building lightened up at night
Wedding table decoration with strawberries in Greece
Wedding decoration filmed by drone in a Castle in Greece
Luxurious Wedding Decoration at the entrance of a Castle in Greece
Blue wedding in a Castle in Greece

Planning: Rogdaki Events Trademark | Designer: Anna-Maria Rogdaki
Florist: Gregory Vlastos | Wedding Photographer: Kostas Sinis
Reception Venue: Vila Gallou | Catering: Zacharopoulos Giannis
Fireworks: Ballon Fire
| Dj: George Diamantopoulos | Photo booth: John Zografidis
Set-Up Videographers: AK3