Tips For Brides for a Greece Wedding


For a bride that wants to get married in Greece the questions she faces present her with some stark choices: how to make the current budget work and still create a stunning effect? How to best manage the wedding details so that everything goes smoothly on the day? How to make sure the wedding day destination is the correct one?

That last one can often be particularly challenging as tight budgets, work commitments and other time constraints may not make it possible to travel to Greece to check out locations. Having catered to brides across the globe who trusts us to organize their weddings in Greece we have come up with a handy guide to help you make the right choices.

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1. Be Flexible With Your Wedding Date

Having some flexibility in the day and date when you get married allows us to negotiate better with hotel and venue owners and obtain better prices. The wedding season is limited out of necessity and there are days which are particularly popular, like Saturdays and Sundays. A mid-week wedding can, at times, bring costs down without compromising the quality of the service.

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2. Scout Locations And Draw Up A Short List

Whether you go for a Greek island wedding or choose to play it safe and go for a mainland setting the requirements are the same. You want the location to be part of the props. You want it to help your guests remember your wedding, have a great time and talk about it long afterwards. It is difficult to get the choice of location right if you are working remotely or have scant knowledge of the country.

This is where our one-stop wedding service can really benefit you. From location scouts who will find a place that totally suits your requirements and provide a report to our experience with what works best in terms of creating an exceptional wedding reception look, we take the strain off you. Our advice and guidance helps you stay on top of costs and manage your wedding planning without the stress usually associated with working remotely.

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3. Set A Budget And Stick To It

The biggest issue by far on weddings in Greece for foreign brides is the escalating cost when unforeseen details crop up. We help you manage your budget better. Our knowledge of local conditions and our long time expertise in dealing with hotels, restaurants and venues allows us to suggest where critical choices can be made that will save money and retain the local color.

In one wedding in Santorini for instance we were able to save a lot by skipping the full bar that was getting to be out of hand and stocking it with local wine and beer. It more than halved the cost, increased the local flavor (pun intended) and made the wedding guests feel that they were, suddenly, at a proper Greek wedding.

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4. Make Your Wedding A “Destination Wedding”

By making the location part celebration part vacation you win on all fronts. Your guests are caught up on the excitement of your wedding with more than just a few hours on the day and the wedding reception. The location itself helps make it truly memorable plus you can plan further activities that increase the fun and help you create great memories of the date.

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5. Be Creative With Your Decorations

Your wedding day decorations are there to do a simple thing: create a theme for your wedding that’s totally unique. This does not always mean that you have to go over the top with your budget to achieve it. Again, this is where we can advise, offering alternatives or making suggestions that maintain the “wow effect” without breaking the budget.

A Greece wedding is a great opportunity to enjoy your wedding day in the land of myths and legends of the past. The relaxed, local lifestyle and the great weather can help create fantastic memories for you and your guests. Using our professional wedding planning service is designed to give you control over your plans and your budget.

For any help, advice or questions just get in touch with us.