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Εlegant wedding in a private villa in Mykonos

An ancient Greek style wedding for Katie and Ben

A wedding, is one of the most sacred, special and intimate moments in a couple’s life, that’s why the creation of the ideal composition according to their desires is of the upmost importance. You have to choose the right place, and Greece is the ideal destination for a dream wedding.

In this instance, Katie & Ben, a lovely couple from the United Kingdom, wanted a wedding in Mykonos and chose Rogdaki Events Trademark to organize their dream wedding, in a private group of Villas in Mykonos. The traditional Olive tree, a symbol of unity from the ancient times, the everlasting White and simplistic style of Cyclades and of course the picturesque view and vibes of the whole island, could be described in one phrase: “Chic & Simple”

The decoration of the private villa

The ceremony, as long as the event later, took place in the same building, where there was the amazing view of the heliport next to it. The enormous olive tree, the main symbol of ancient Greece, odored in the middle and it was decorated with white fabrics and lanterns, while there were white dream catchers hanging from the branches. The wedding aisle was decorated with lanterns and bouquets of white flowers and olive branches, something that was betraying purity and simplicity.

The bride’s bouquet was consisted from white natural peonies. In the venue there was a wooden gazebo whose decoration was fully matched with the whole wedding’s style. Each table had its own name inspired by the Gods of mountain Olympus. The composition of the tables was consisted from natural white flowers, candles and olive leaves and branches.

The white Tiffany’s chairs framed the tables, while the impression stole the specially decorated chairs for the couple with the “Mr and Mrs” titles for Ben and Katie accordingly. Each table towel was tied with rosemary. Large letters with lights odored in the place showing to the guests the place of the bar, while there was a welcoming sign with the names of the couple on it.  

Α special wedding favor

The greatest impression made the special wedding favor which was chosen by Ben and Katie. A wedding favor with two different kinds of liqueur which represented the bride and groom accordingly. A combination from limoncello and mastic. The whole wedding’s purpose was the pure ancient Greek style.

Ceremony decoration in Mykonos Greece