How to Get the Most Value from Your Wedding Planner to Create Beautiful Memories for a Lifetime

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We Create A Dream Together

When you work with a wedding planner, your dream day becomes a reality. Every detail looks, sounds, tastes, and feels the way you imagined. You’ll get the most value when you communicate your dream.

The wedding planner uses experience and connections to create a wedding event that works seamlessly from setup to clean up. Your wedding is worry-free.

On your wedding day, you focus on your family and friends, and especially your beloved. It’s your day and you can celebrate because everything is worry-free and happens as if by magic.

Make Your Dream Real 

Your wedding planner has experience, connections, and discounts available which are inaccessible to you. That’s how your wedding planner can transform your hopes, dreams, and ideas into a real-life event filled with the details that make your vision come true.


The best way to make your wedding dream a reality is to talk to your wedding planner. Clear communication helps your planner visualize your desires for a perfect wedding.

On their side, once they understand your vision, your wedding planner will make suggestions for details you might not have considered. Experience and a wealth of ideas is a major benefit your wedding planner brings to planning your beautiful wedding.

What You Don’t Know 

You may have a vision of what you want—romance on a private beach, enchantment in a forest, gala in a sophisticated hotel. Your wedding planner knows just the right spot, and possibly two or three, that you’ve never heard of, that create your vision.

Exotic food, special music, musicians, a photographer with a hip eye, table decor that echoes your special day are just a few of the contacts at your wedding planner’s fingertips.


On your wedding day, you don’t want to worry about details. Your wedding planner schedules all vendors to be in place and do their job at the right time. You don’t have to check on the table settings, the photographers, the musicians, the service staff, the caterer, the DJ, the flowers, the decorations, the party favors…

You’ll be celebrating while your wedding planner checks and double-checks with personal attention to make everything on the schedule run like clockwork.

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Save Money

Whatever your budget, your wedding planner has connections that provide discounts unavailable to you: like reserving a suite of rooms or a villa for you and your guests, hiring a catering service, or getting invitations designed and printed. Vendors know your wedding planner and are willing to provide a discount.

More importantly, your wedding planner knows who does what they promise, who shows up on time, and who goes the extra mile to make your day affordable and lovely.


Once your wedding planner understands your vision, they will get to work organizing all the details. Tableware, decorations, flowers, marriage venue, reception venue, and more all come to life under their careful stewardship.

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That’s why on the day of your wedding, everything flows from sun up to sun down. Your wedding planner coordinates every detail to fit your vision.


On the day of your wedding, your wedding planner works like an orchestra conductor, making sure all the instruments play harmoniously to execute a perfect experience for you and your guests.

Because your wedding planner has everything in hand, you are free to enjoy your glorious day, confident that your vision becomes a stress-free reality.

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Tell Us Your Wedding Vision, We’ll Make It Real

At Rogdaki Events Trademark we specialize in making your wedding dreams come true. From majestic Athens to lively Mykonos to serene Santorini and magical seashore and forest settings, we create an unforgettable ambiance to celebrate your love.

Enjoy a full day of wedding planning just for you, from your ceremony to your reception. We look forward to meeting you and helping create your dream wedding.

Tell us your wedding vision by phone (+306944180888) or email ([email protected]). We’ll get to work to make it hassle-free, beautiful, and memorable.