Five Reasons to Get Married in Greece


There are as many reasons to get married in Greece as there are Greek-style weddings taking place in Greece each year. If you’ve seen Mama Mia and are ready to take the plunge and experience the benefits a Greek-style wedding has to offer then you’re probably already convinced and can stop reading right here and get in touch with us for details.

If, however, you’re looking for a little more convincing here are five reasons why having your wedding in Greece is a good idea.

Reason #1 – The Weather:

If there was one time when you could wish for a guarantee in the weather it’s on your very own special day. Nothing wrecks a wedding day atmosphere more than grey skies and pouring rain. Greece offers 230 sun-drenched days a year and, if your wedding is anytime between May and the end of September you can practically guarantee the sun, the sea and … well, whatever else you’d like to have along with the ensemble.


Reason #2 – The Setting:

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create some truly unforgettable memories, impress your guests and let yourself be transported into a fairy tale world where you are the star. Greece offers countless exotic locations and an unparalleled cultural past.

Choose to have your wedding on a tiny church on an island, right by the sea, reaffirm your wedding vows on a mountain top, overlooking ancient woods. Choose from antiquities like Olympia, home of the Olympic Games to picturesque fishing villages. In Greece, your options for a unique location for your wedding are magnified many times.


Reason #3 – The Culture:

 Every wedding is, by definition, a fun affair. Greece seems to amplify the effect. Maybe it’s the weather, sunny, warm, welcoming to the extreme. Maybe it’s the people, hospitable, warm, themselves fun-loving. Or maybe it’s a combination of factors such as being abroad, away from home, somewhere where it’s relaxing, warm and everything is being taken care of for you. Either way, it really works. Greek-style weddings seem to raise the bar each time in fun and entertainment.

Five Reasons to Get Married in Greece , Wedding Planning Planner , Rogdaki Events Trademark

Reason #4 – The Environment: 

Nothing makes a wedding feel better than the ability for the guests to get out and about and experience something that’s truly exceptional. Wherever you decide to hold your wedding in Greece you can practically be guaranteed interesting, scenic surroundings, small towns and picturesque villages that can take you back in time, cities that offer a deep character built over the years.

Five Reasons to Get Married in Greece , Wedding Planning Planner , Rogdaki Events Trademark

Reason #5 – Our Wedding Planning experience: 

No list of reasons to hold your wedding in Greece could really
be complete without our mentioning our expertise in planning weddings that meet and exceed your expectations.


For a more detailed look at what we do check out our One-Stop Wedding and Event Planning Guide and simply get in touch with us.