Fairy Tale Wedding Service in Greece


Every bride wants to have a fairy tale wedding. When it comes to the perfect combination of weather and setting Greece offers unrivalled opportunities. A dream fairy tale wedding cannot be complete without a few elements you can only get in Greece.

Dreamful Elements You Can Only Get In Greece

1. Guaranteed Weather

Choose the right date for your wedding and your biggest concern
will be just how hot and sunny you want it to get.
With locales which range from beautiful island settings and weddings by the beach to historical settings
and dramatic backdrops a Greek-style fairy tale wedding will allow you to experience everything the country has to offer
by way of culture, history, weather and entertainment.


2. A Welcoming Culture

Greece is renowned for its hospitality and welcoming people.
Holding your wedding in Greece allows you the option of having you and your wedding guests
experience the beauty and uniqueness of Greek culture. This includes some of the local entertainment in music
and dances (every location has a uniqueness) and the local food


3. A Professional Wedding Planning Service

Every wedding has unique opportunities to be different and special.
From your choice of location to where you will hold the reception and your choice of music,
you get to set the tone and style of your occasion


4. Uniquely styled accessories

No wedding day can ever be complete without the kind of setting which helps
your guests sit up and take notice. The dressing of the location, the detail in the setting of the tables,
the wedding day decorations which go into making the event and the overall style, help bring your dream wedding to life.

A List of Requirements for the Perfect Wedding Day

What actually makes a wedding day ‘perfect’ varies from person to person. It will depend on taste, ideas, personal preferences and, obviously, the available budget. Each of the elements below has a subset of requirements of its own:


1. The Guest List

The wedding guest list is the engine driving your wedding.
The number of guests you have invited will determine a large part of the cost of your wedding preparations.
Who you have invited will also play a role in determining the wording on
your invitations and the type of invitations you send out.
As a matter of fact, much of what happens at a wedding, including theme
and overall tone is largely determined
by who the bride and groom invite to share their wedding day with.


2. The Setting

The setting of your wedding and the reception afterwards are
key to creating the kind of memories that really do last a lifetime.
A wedding set on a Greek island, for instance, will be different to one which takes place on top of a cliff,
high in the mountains. Similarly, a reception by the poolside is going to be totally different from one where
the setting is a centuries’ old wine cellar (incidentally Rogdaki Events Trademark have planned fantastic weddings in all these settings).


3. The Accessories

Considering that so much work goes into making a wedding happen, focusing on the accessories
may seem to be incidental. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
The accessories used on a wedding day are the detailed pieces which make the puzzle work, so to speak.
From the choice of lace used (for instance) to the table settings at the reception,
these details become part of what makes the day appear so special.

It is safe to say that perhaps there will be no other day
when anyone will obsess so much, again, about every single item on show.
Working within your budget, at Rogdaki Events Trademark, we plan your wedding day down to every last detail so you can feel
that it is a truly special occasion, capable of generating the kind of memories which last a lifetime.


4. The Flowers

Flowers have a language of their own and at a wedding, they speak a very loud, special language.
Whether your flowers are color – matched or are there to create a contrast.
Whether they are chosen to be flashy or are used to create a sense of understatement,
they become an integral part of what the day is all about.

At Rogdaki Events Trademark we help you plan this aspect of your wedding day, using our expertise at creating flowers centerpieces
that capture the eye to help you achieve a ‘wow’ effect. Working within your budget, our trusted florists will supply the flowers
ordered within the specified date, using only the freshest flowers.
Our flower arrangers will then take care of everything on the day, helping turn the setting of your wedding
and the wedding reception, afterwards, into a beautiful, flower-adorned, place


5. The Music

The music you choose to accompany your wedding day and the reception is the icing on the cake. Music helps create mood and can make your guests feel good about themselves.Music helps anchor memories and unleash others. It helps mesh the past with the present and it is the gear upon
which your wedding day’s entertainment flows along.

There are, of course, a lot more details which need to be taken into account when it comes to creating a perfect wedding day. At Rogdaki Events Trademark we hold a large number of weddings throughout the year, all over Greece.
Each one is as unique, special and memorable as the people involved in it.

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