A Chic & Stylish Affair | Christiana & Vassilis’ Unforgettable Wedding

Love knows no bounds, transcending miles and careers, as Christiana, a renowned model, and Vassilis, a talented chef from London, embarked on their journey to tie the knot and christen their child in a picturesque ceremony at the serene Agios Anastasios church. Guiding them through every step of their special day was Rogdaki Events, weaving together elegance, style, and love to create an unforgettable celebration.

From the bustling streets of London to the tranquil beauty of Idilofon, the couple’s love story took center stage against the backdrop of timeless elegance and breathtaking scenery. As the sun painted the sky with hues of gold, family and friends gathered to witness the union of two souls destined for each other.

Stepping into Agios Anastasios church, guests were greeted with a sight straight out of a fairytale. Under the skilled hands of Ms. Anna-Maria Rogdaki, the church was transformed into a sanctuary of love and serenity. Towering white trees adorned with delicate blooms framed the aisle, creating a path of enchantment for the bride’s grand entrance. A touch of soft blue accents graced the decor, symbolizing the joy of their new addition to the family.

As the strains of classical music filled the air, Christiana glided down the aisle, a vision of ethereal beauty in her pristine white gown. Clutching a total white bridal bouquet, she radiated elegance and grace, her smile illuminating the hearts of all who beheld her.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the celebration continued at the Idilofon venue, where friends and family gathered to raise a toast to the newlyweds. Against a backdrop of twinkling lights and starlit skies, guests reveled in an evening of laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories.

From exquisite cuisine crafted by Vassilis himself to heartfelt speeches and moments of pure bliss, every detail of the reception was meticulously curated by Rogdaki Events, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for all.

In the heart of Greece, amidst the tranquil beauty of Idilofon, Christiana and Vassilis’ love story unfolded in a celebration that was as chic and stylish as it was filled with love. Guided by Rogdaki Events, their special day was a testament to the power of love, bringing together two souls in a bond that would last a lifetime.

Wedding stationery of the couple with olive leafs 1
Brunette beautiful bride in her wedding dress 1
Grooms accessories Cufflinks Cartier watch Gucci shoes completes the groom classy styling 1
The entrance of the church decorated in a romantic style with white trees light blue flowers and lanterns 1
Blue windows and white peonies are completing the romantic scenery of the church decoration 1
Romantic wedding in shades of royal blue urns with white peonies wooden windows decorated with fabrics and blue white roses 1
Rice is associated with many wedding customs and what it mainly symbolizes is the rhizome that is the fixing of the marriage on solid foundations 1
A groom is waiting the bride at the church holding the wedding bouquet with white peonies 1
Elegant wedding decoration with crystal details at the ceremony by Diamond Events 1
The area of the church where it welcomes guests and the couple is decorated with wooden natural white trees flowers in light blue and lanterns 1
Best men set with decanter wedding crowns and wedding rings are the essentials for an orthodox wedding 1
The bride arrived at the church in an antique car accompanied by her father 1
The wedding bouquet with beautiful white flowers 1
The guests throw rice at the couple wishing them the fasting of their wedding on a solid foundation 1
Romantic mixed shades of blue wedding decoration 1
Ornate wedding favors for the guests 1
Guestbook table with macaroons blue marshmallows carousel with gold and blue pacifiers fairylights and cylinder vases with colored blue water 1
Guestbook table for wedding baptism in shades of blue filled with a variety of sweets decorated with crystals blue orchids and fairylights 1
A dreamy wedding decoration in the Idylofon venue pool area 1
Main centerpiece of the table decoration is a wooden white tree decorated with crystals blue flowers illuminated vases with rhinestones cylinder vases with blue water 1
Gorgeous entrance guest table decoration by Mrs Anna Maria Rogdaki designer of Diamond Events 1
The dreamy entrance of the newlywed couple with fireworks at the reception venue 1
Happy married couple cutting the cake at their wedding 1
The couple is dancing their first dance officially married
The first dance of newlyweds at the wedding reception and snapshots from the dance moments 1

Planning: Rogdaki Events Trademark | Design: Anna-Maria Rogdaki
Venue: Hdylofon | Photography-Videography: Stergiou Dimitris